"Map Of My Heart" lyrics - MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER

"Map Of My Heart"

The map of my heart looks a lot like yours
From the one way streets to the old detours
To the dark dead ends with their missing signs
The sun and the moon and the roads that wind
Like the stories we tell tracing the routes
Wind in my ears, dirt on my boots

The map of my heart is torn at the corners
From ignoring the warnings, disobeying the orders
I've been lost in a crowd, found in solitary
I learned how to travel with just what I could carry
Towards the vast unseen and the great unknown
The map of a heart is all that we own

Leaving safety to chance and reason behind
X marks every spot I thought I'd lost my mind
I didn't think that I could but I couldn't stop trying

And I can't stop trying to hold in my hands
That moment I could feel my heart expand
With more love than I thought could exist in the world
The hollows were gone, the emptiness filled
A life transformed down to the bone
This map of my heart is all that I own

Do we ever stop longing and looking for home
Do we ever stop feeling apart and alone
Do we ever stop dreaming of where we belong
This map of my heart looks a lot like yours
This map of my heart looks a lot like yours