"GMG Interlude" lyrics - MARY J. BLIGE

"GMG Interlude"

[Spoken Verse: Mary J. Blige & H.E.R.]
So, so I got this concept for this, right? (Mmm)
It's, it's like how I finally got a chance to say I'm amazing
I never said that in my life about myself, ever (Mmm)
I never thought it
But just recently in my life, I was like I'm amazing 'cause God said I'm amazing, I'm amazing
So, what I started doing along with that
Like, when I was going through all this bad shit in my life
I started waking up and saying, "Good morning, gorgeous"
Mmm, I like that
No matter what I was doing
No matter what I was going through
I look in the mirror, hungover, not hungover, mad, not mad, whatever
Always going through something and because of the thing playing in my head
About, you know, the way the person was chipping at me and tearing me down, tearing me down
And making me look at myself like I wasn't enough
And I just gave up and I just wanna say, "Good morning, gorgeous"
Wow, I love that
You should start the song off like that, I love everything...
That's the song