"Suffer Me" lyrics - MATCHBOX TWENTY

"Suffer Me"

She wanted something just like the real thing
He needed love and it all worked out some how
He knows that love is the king of emotion
But he can't touch her because she's too perfect now

But she wasn't like that then and
He wasn't like that then
They were everything, everything they need

Suffer me
Call on me and i, I'll call on you
Suffer me
Call on me and i, I'll call on you, call on you

She wasn't thinking about anyone else just then
But she knew someone else would always come to mind
Because they were strangers living in the feeling
They were scared when they heard they talked about love

But it wasn't like that then
It just wasn't like that then
They took everything because everything was for real


Oh yes they were thinning out
At that moment they were all afraid
Started thinking that pretty soon one of them would leave
She said suffer me

[Chorus 2x]