"God Song" lyrics - MATCHING MOLE

"God Song"

What on Earth are you doing, God?
Is this some sort of joke you're playing?
Is it 'cause we didn't pray?
Well I can't see the point of the word without the action
Are you just hot air, breathing over us and over all?
Is it fun watching us all?
Where's your son? We want him again!

And next time you send your boy down here
Give him a wife and a sexy daughter
Someone we can understand
Who's got some ideas we can use, really relate to
We've all read your rules, tried them
Learnt them in school, then tried them
They're impossible rules
And you've made us look fools
Well done, God, but now please...

Don't hunt me down, for Heaven's sake!
You know that I'm only joking, aren't I?
Pardon me, I'm very drunk!
But I know what I'm trying to say
And it's nearly night time
And we're still alone
Waiting for something unknown, still waiting
So throw down a stone, or something
Give us a sign, for Christ's sake!