"Burn!" lyrics - MEGADETH


I've got a sickening feeling
My life is standing still
It's clear that fate is closing in
But this is the life I choose
I've got so much time to kill
Born to lose, I'll die to win

Burn, baby burn... 'cause it feels so good

I'm getting on my own nerves
And I get no satisfaction
Till I light it up and burn it down
One match lights my fire
And it starts a chain reaction
That burns my crooked past to the ground

Burn, baby burn... 'cause it feels so good
Burn, baby burn... like I knew it would
Fire, I've got the fire
Fire, burning desire... my desire to burn

[Solo - Dave]

I hear the darkness call
The sirens are growing near
It's time I make my great escape
The flames are getting tall
Inside my rear view mirror
Just a spark is all it takes