"Play For Blood" lyrics - MEGADETH

"Play For Blood"

[Solo - Mustaine]

Anybody searching for actions
Anything to fill the emptiness inside
Any place that the streets are empty
Any takers wanna pour out their lines
With the fire and lightning shooting from my hand
And desolation written across my eyes
My itchy fingers on a hairpin trigger
My tempers hot and my patience's taken flight

[Solo - Drover]
[Solo - Mustaine]

Inside the abattoir
The cover charge is somebody's gotta die
Now, I hear you screaming out for mercy
Last man that's standing wins the fight
Too late, I see your end zero in on you
Even mortal enemies, tehy can't deny
Let me help you again
The wings of God surround me
I live to play because I know I'll never die

[Solo - Drover]
[Solo - Mustaine]
[Solo - Drover]
[Solo - Mustaine]

If I win again, I'm still the champion
And if you win, HA, that's just impossible!
I don't play for keeps; I don't play for your soul
I don't play to win; I don't play for it all
I play for blood

[Solo - Mustaine]
[Solo - Drover]