"Good News" lyrics - MELISSA MANCHESTER

"Good News"

I was lookin' out my window just this mornin
Wasn't finding inspiration in my bed
I was wondering if all this was a warning
'Cause I'd rather waste the day than work instead
It's been quite a while since I could feel my heartbeat
I appreciate you offering me yours
But I got to use my own and let it guide me
It's the only thing to get me home for sure.

Let's hesr some Good News for the lady
She's comin' up from far behind
And if she seems a little slow it only goes to show
That everything will grow in its own time...

Well I haven't really lost my sense of humor
Say it all depends on where you're coming from
I would tend to give some creedence to the rumor
That this bird in flight just might be on the run.


And so I hope you'll understand
That I can't always join the band you play in
And if I hide behind the words I'm saying
Don't let it fool you
I'm comin' through with some...

Good News for the lady
She's coming up - and wants to shine
So if she needs the time to pause
Just give her room because
She'll be comin' 'round the mountain in her time
You know -

Everything will grow in its own time.