"Ruby And The Dancer" lyrics - MELISSA MANCHESTER

"Ruby And The Dancer"

Falling on hard times, the girl came home at last
With her baggage of bad times, her presence from the past
Made the elders eyes to wander when she cried
If you're looking for my love, pass me by

She was gonna be a dancer, gifted by gods and kings
And it all came so natural moving on angel's wings
She said,"Ruby, you knew me when my life was gay
But if you're looking for my heart, look away"

Now the elders she passes seem to stop and stare
It's a shame about the dancer
And the poor boy she left there
But, Ruby, you loved me well
The elders knew it too
So will you take me with you now or they have taken you

I am not bad or crazy; I live here in a forest
I see things through a rainbow, I am a blossom come alive
They have no way with changes, they come in faceless numbers
They cannot see my garden for I grew up on dreams

Some of us may never grow, but all of us need to know
We need gardens to bloom in
For there must always be room enough for all of us