"Stay With Me" lyrics - MENUDO

"Stay With Me"

Oh oh oh
Please forgive me
If I broke your heart
In any way
I'll do anything to keep you,
If you'd only stay

Stay with me
I'm asking you to stay with me
We've been together for so long
We can't go wrong
Just put the blame on me

Stay with me
I need your loving here with me
Come back and hold me once again
Don't let it end
Just put the blame on me

We made it through all kinds of weather
Our love's supposed to last forever
I'll keep my promise
Please believe me
There's something special that makes our love
The kind of love
That dreams are made of
I'll make it up to you

Stay with me,
I'm asking you to stay me
There's nothing we have to regret - forgive, forget
If you'd only say you'll stay with me.