"After All This Time" lyrics - MERRY CLAYTON

"After All This Time"

Ooh, I get a feeling every night
When you come home
That life is sweet, yeah, baby
Sweeter than a honeycomb
Oh, darling
I'm so glad that you are mine
And that you still love me
After all this time
You bring music to my soul
Yes, and I can hear pray?
Sweeter and longer and stronger
With each and every passing day
And our love, our love
Is just likely to climb
'Cause it's still so good
After all this time
I believe, I believe
In your sweet love
That you could make a tiger tame
Fill the desert fill of rain
Bring me joy when I'm in pain
Even on a cold and windy day
I can feel my heart?, yeah
For the warmth and the light
And the love you give to me
Is like a?
Oh, no matter what they see
There can be no doubt in my mind
That I still love you
After all this time
That I still love you
After all this time
Yes, I'm gonna still love you
Yes, I'm gonna still love you...