"Sane" lyrics - MESHUGGAH


Come And Hear My Twisted Lies,
The Way I Bend And Falsify
A Master Of Deception,
User Of An Untrue Smile
A Rapist Of The Truth,
Adapting It To Fit My Cause
I'm The Human Lie,
A Sad Composition Of All Things Vile

Come And Read My Tainted Lies.
Come See My Wretched,
Tainted Mind

Bury, Cover Up, Repress.
I Betray The People I "Possess"
What Ever Enemy - I'll Disable With Mendacity
I Make My Way,
Extend My Ground,
I Clear My Future-Path
When It Comes To Joys,
Manipulation Is My Game Of Choice

How I Shine. I...
The Perfect Freak.
Confide In Me
Me... Believe In Me

My Intentions Soon You Will See
The Sway Of My Scheme, Imposed Upon All
Come Follow Me, My Puppets To Be,
I'll Attach My Strings, Manipulation Begins

Sane Me
Sane Me
Sane Me
Sane Me

I'm The Way, I'm The Truth
Gather With Me, I'm The Future Guide

Sane Me
Sane Me
Sane Me
Sane Me

Gather With Me, Join My Ministry
I'm The Way, The Future Guide
I'm The Self-Acclaimed God Of Wicked Games
Sinister, Repugnant Bringer Of Pain