"Ghetto Celebrity" lyrics - METHOD MAN

"Ghetto Celebrity"

[Intro: Method Man:]
Uhm hum, why'all thought it was a game
We ain't playin' wit' why'all motherfuckers, uh uh
East Side/West Side Connection for real
Uhm, this is how its goin' down huh
Come down to you and me huh Mr. Size
It's real

(Method Man)
M-E-F, ain't you heard yet kid I'm cobra step
Vocal threat, mark for death, why'all ain't seen nothin' yet
Movin' on your fuckin' left, over time, sudden death
Competition, hold your breath, when you see me hold the tec
Party people lie, they shout with evil eye
Tical and Roni Size, bring your beef with ecoli
Poison and kill the noise an', your fam' and all your boys in
Seek and destroy young brothers
Tougher than they baby mothers
Your class show no cash, runnin' low on gas
Empty don't even tempt me, to pull his nine and glass
The sky is fallin' fast, the world is panickin', panickin'
People hawlin' ass, now who the man again
Yeah I got luck this year, go bring that pussy here
Where? I don't even care, bounce, I mean intensive care
Throw your hands into the air (c'mon), we 'bout to take it there
Full cycle, no fair, now who the man again
Now who the man again
Now who the man again
Now who the man again

(Method Man)
Red life, green light, one two three
Ain't no hope in stoppin' me, we ain't got no pot to pea
Mr. Mef, Roni Size, shady eye with lazy eye
Crazy hive, maybe I crash and burn like Lady Di
Blackin' out, passin' out
This is what I they askin' 'bout
Ghetto life, tuck your whites, fuck your wife, bust a pipe
We gonna fuck it up tonight, girl make sure you suck it right
Hold that mic like Dolomite, get them blunts and roll them tight
What are you men or mice? Kid I just begin to bite
Back like Kevin Bokavitch, you know that means apocalypse
Oh shit, follow this, why don't you just follow this?
Any race, colour or creed, just like the apollo wid
A Phen-army-non, from Bristol to P. Long
Be on the law, huntin' rappers out of season
Throw 'em in the air, we 'bout to take it there
Full cycle, no fair, now who the man again (make a threat, pay your dept, Meth-Tical)
Now who the man again (throw it back, you knowin' that, goin' back)
Now who the man again (so you say, all day, you know I'm down)
Now who the man again (aiyo yo, represent, represent, represent..)
Now who the man again (represent, represent, represent, represent..)

(Break: Method Man)
Everyone please attend they
It's time you line up in one line
An' eveybody gon' get they ass in
Just take your time, not now
An' I don't give a fuck who your dog
Your ass not gettin' in without a guest pass
Aight, you first, here's your bunny
Show, hehehehe...
One two, one two
We transmittin' love
The new south
This is Bressville to shaolin
And be on
This is a full cycle affair
Ayo Roni Size, you's a dope motherfucker
That's my word, your everythin' I love fool

[Repeat verse two]

(Break: Method Man)
Roni Size and Mr. Mef
Cat is staggerin', oh shit

[Outro: Method Man:]
Celebrity status is in the I the beholder
As one who is capable of
Turning nothing into something
One who's aaaaaaaaaaaall ambition is so intense
That he can settle for nothin' less than the best
Here lies the +Ghetto Celebrity+
Oh shit