"Celeste Aida" lyrics - MICHAEL BOLTON

"Celeste Aida"

(from Verdi's "Aida")

[The ethiopians have been defeated in battle. Aida, their princess, has been enslaved by the victorious egyptians, though her identity is not known to them. The egyptian general Radames falls in love with the beautiful Aida and dreams of setting her upon a throne.]

Celeste aida, forma divina,
Mistico serto di luce e fior,
Del mio pensiero tu sei regina,
Tu di mia vita sei lo splendor.
Il tuo bel cielo vorrei ridarti,
Le dolci brezze del patrio suol;
Un regal serto sul crin posarti,
Ergerti un trono vicino al sol, ah!


Heavenly Aida

Heavenly Aida, goddess of beauty,
Garland of flowers and of bright light.
You are the ruler of all my thoughts,
You are the splendor of my whole life.
I'll bring you back, yes, to your lovely skies,
To the soft breezes of your native land.
I'll place a royal wreath upon your crown,
And build you a throne close to the sun!