"Heart Of Stone" lyrics - MICHAEL BOLTON

"Heart Of Stone"

Can you hear me
Now I've found you
Standing there in the lonely night
Many times I
Tried to reach you
But you closed your doors
And you closed them tight
Come down before it's too late
Anyone can see you're just
Looking in your eyes
Tell me you're satisfied
With the price you must pay
Everyday, everyday

Heart of stone
Heart of stone
You can't make it on your own
Heart of stone
Heart of stone
You can't make it all alone
Breaking this heart of stone

Are you dreaming lost forever
In the fantasy
That world of your own
Time is passing now or never
Can't you see you're
A long way from home
Wake up it's been too long
Won't you see that
It can't go wrong
Just can't understand why
You make it this way
Everyday, everyday


Ever wonder whoever thinks it's right
To fill the empty
Place inside of you never do
Ever wonder when you're turning 'round
If everything you need to know
Is what you're learning from
It's to you, yeah, yeah


Heart of stone