"Love Shouldn't Hurt" lyrics - MICHAEL BOLTON

"Love Shouldn't Hurt"

Born in pure innocence
Born without the fear
She says "Mommy what did I do wrong,
To make you cry your angry tears?"
Feeling dirty and ashamed
Keeps making up excuses
She's learned how to hide the pain
But she can't hide the bruises anymore
There's no light behind her eyes
She's tryin to find love in a stranger's touch
14 years old and so alone
Desperate for what she needs so much
She cries herself to sleep at night
And prays she won't wake up...

Love shouldn't hurt
Love shouldn't scar
But sometimes we can be so blind
To the way things really are
Love can be so unkind
Truth is that hearts get broken everyday
But love should never ever hurt this way....

Children having children and growing up too fast
If you've never been shown lvoe
How can you give love back?
Her newborn baby's cryin'
It's more than she can stand
She doesn't see the tragedy
When she raises her own hand
There's no light behind her eyes
She doesn't realize what she has done
Didn't think she was being so rough
Little one won't you please wake up?.....

[Chorus 2x]

But love should never ever hurt this way