"Now Love Has No End" lyrics - MICHAEL FRANKS

"Now Love Has No End"

As a kid my nose would be
Inside a book of poetry
I memorized the movies where
Into each other's eyes the lovers stare
I.e. Zhivago with his Lara in their cottage
In the snow

Ten below with only love to keep the warm
I soon discovered with alarm
Real life could not compete
With fiction or widescreen love, on the street
No face was shining there to meet me
In soft focus... guess my heart
Blew the part

Seemed like for me stormy weather
Would always hide the moon
I flew the wind like a feather
Into the wrong monsoon
Until the light of your smile
Guided me to this island

I lost my way
But now I'll never be lost again
I'm not ashamed to say
I know for sure now love have no end
It sounds so commonplace
That I'm reluctant to point my pen
When I behold your face
I know for sure now love has no end

I used to be amorously so cynical but now
I know for sure love has no end
The game of hearts was long false starts
Until you taught me how
To know for sure love has no end
Til I found you I never knew the joy of two
But now
I know fore sure love has no end
It's always better late than never,
For forever now
I know for sure love has no end.