"Departure" lyrics - MICHAEL JOHNSON


Hey let's go up on the mountain tonight
And be lovers out under the stars
From up there the freeways are rivers of light
With diamonds and rubies for cars

And the city is spread like a net at your feet
Catching the stars as they fall
And all of the things that are driving you crazy
Won't really matter at all

Hey let's go up on the mountain tonight
You can bring all your memories along
We'll take all the very best times of our lives
Set them down into a song

And we'll stand on a peak overlooking the world
And sing it as loud as we can
Not one of the millions below us will hear it
But won't the elation be grand

And we'll catch us a ride on the wings of an angel
Flying too close to the ground
And if she is flying away to forever
Maybe we'll never come down