"There Is A Breeze" lyrics - MICHAEL JOHNSON

"There Is A Breeze"

There is a breeze that comes by here everyday
Freshens the spirit, takes the dead away
There is a sun that shines for you and you and me
It's been healing nights for centuries

Fool, I say fool
You waste time as a rule
You don't measure days one by one
I don't mean to draw tears or bring sorrow to your years
I love you and I'd like to see you freer

You stopped believin' years ago
Been retrieving ever since you know
She says you're doing fine
And you believe her

There is a feelin', it comes here everyday
Turns your head around, takes your breath away
It clears the morning eyes of you and you and me
We've been sleeping now for centuries

Don't you understand
We've wasted all the time we can
The waters of your soul are getting drier

And the circles that grow from the stones that we throw
Rush to the shore and then they die there
And your far away dream
Is only there because you seem to think it is