"Take Me Home" lyrics - MICHAEL SWEET

"Take Me Home"

Here I am standin', standin' in a
Foreign land
On my own and all alone, I lost my
One connection
I had it all, all before, but then I had to
Roll the dice
When my numbers, numbers fell, I paid
The price of desolation
Take me home, take me home

I need your love I need your touch again
Only you can break my heart of stone
I want you to come and take me...
Take me home

I've climbed the highest mountains, I've
Spent my time in valleys too
In this maze that we call life, there is a
Strength that gets me through
My walls may crumble and they may fall,
But there's one thing I know for sure
Jesus died to give me all and when I'm sick
He is the cure

[Chorus 2x]