"Could He Be The Messiah" lyrics - MICHAEL W. SMITH

"Could He Be The Messiah"

Been here for days, I'm amazed
At this teacher, carpenter, preacher
Lost in the crowd. I hear him now.
He's praying and he's saying,
"God feed them all"
Five-thousand men, all of his
Friends are worried find
Bread and hurry
Five loaves and fish, what can he
Wish, he's praying still he's
Saying "God feed them all"

Could he be the Messiah?
Miracle man, part of the plan
Could he be the Messiah?
Life in his hand,
I understand he could be...

Meet for our needs fully he
Feeds our hunger older and younger
Twelve baskets more,
Can we ignore, he shows us that he
Knows us, is he the Christ?

[Chorus 2x]

It is he the Messiah!
Miracle man, part of the plan
It is he, the Messiah!
Life in his hand
I understand it is he