"Final Exit" lyrics - MORBID SAINT

"Final Exit"

Terminally ill no escape from the pain
No help for the dying or the mentally insane
Treated with highly toxic drugs you grow sick
They keep you drugged and take your money
As your hearts starts to quit

Useless suffering laws need to change
If you can't die then a new law must be made
Minimal pain and a blessed goodbye
Should be the right to everyone that has the courage to die

Final exit time to depart
Final exit can't stand the pain
Final exit don't want to live
Final exit nothing more to give

Someone diagnosed with a fatal illness
Should have the right to end with forgiveness
If expect for someone to die
Look in my eyes and tell me why

When only death is a matter of time
Then killing yourself should not be a crime
Know one can tell you it's time to die
Look in my eyes and say goodbye

Life without hope is something you can't believe
Just look in my eyes now you all will see
Why you just won't take the pain away inside
The only way to help is to let the dead die
So let them die