"MJA Jr."
(Mose Allison)

Mose John Allison Jr.
That's the only name I've had
Don't call me Moses, don't call me Moe
You're just gonna make my momma mad

Mose John Allison Jr.
That's the way it's written in the book
Don't call me Moss
Don't call me Moose
It's not some made up show biz hook

You can call me Mose'
But only if you come from down Mexico way

Mose John Allison Jr.
Might sound strange but it's true
Blessing or curse, for better or worse
This time around it will have to do

I used to wanna be called Bill
Because Bill was the neighborhood king of the hill

Mose John Allison Jr.
Always good for a smile
I was kidded a lot but it's part of the plot
I finally realized it was just my style

Mose John Allison Jr.