"Mark My Words" lyrics - MOTHICA

"Mark My Words"

He's got my heart in his mouth
I think I've figured it out
He's got me talking about
The things I'll say to you now

I'm a fool for the taking
Or I'm misbehaving
This conversation
Means nothing to me
If you're on the other side
I'm going home tonight
There's no replacing
This hold on me, oh

So.. Mark my words, mark my
Mark my words, mark my
I'm not getting hurt
I've learned it from the worst
Mark my words

So now you want me to stay
I see the lie on your face
But you always run away
I'll call your bluff any day

I know now I won't bow down
If you knew how I'm falling out
I know now I won't bow down
Never again, you know this is the end