"We Put The Fun In Funeral" lyrics - MOTIONLESS IN WHITE

"We Put The Fun In Funeral"

Oh, shit!

Get down, get low. Turn the radio on
You're invited to a graveyard party tonight
Punk is heavy and the moon is full
Dead never looked to beautiful

Gonna dance all night, ('Till the sun goes down)
'Cause we're all dead. (We don't give a fuck)
So start a party, Red, dosh and doe
'Cause this is a stormy rodeo

Frankenstein is about to wreck the gate
A bat is about to eat his tea
The fires scratching down in the movie soon
Has Dracula spiked the punch with blood?

We put the fun in 'Funeral'

Coffin kiss
From that which you can not escape
Another reason to guard the gate

What happened to the life of the party?
I'm not kidding, we're all dead
Now everybody's passed out, face down
The sun is rising and the fire has faded away
And even if we have to move it to the next town
We're gonna rock it, this week anyway
D-I-E... We won't be dead forever

Fuck yeah