"Amateur Sketch" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"Amateur Sketch"

Your skin is covered
With rich kids ink
Your mouth keeps running
Refusing to think

You spend all your days
Trying to impress
Bragging to the people
Who couldn't care less
Repeating the stories
While all eyes roll
Your knife is duller
Than the tales you told

Continue to punish
Repeat offender
Nobody's listening
Return to sender

Not behind your back
We laugh in your face
And you're just about to
Get put in your place

You spend more time
Looking at your reflection
Then doing all the things
You endlessly mention
Persona absurd

The camouflage has worn off
The armors begun to rust
Defenses fading fast
The rest will turn to dust

You're so obsessed
With this character acting
While intimidations
The main thing you're lacking
Persona absurd