"Big Trouble In Little China" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"Big Trouble In Little China"

For thousands of years David Lopan awaits
To rid him a curse that will seal his own fate
To capture a girl with eyes of jade
A girl brave enough to embrace the blade

A man fighting through the corridoors of Lopan's lair
Destroying ancient demons
And killing shit without the slightest fear

He'll battle strange monsters
And climb through the sewers
Destroying all unholy ancient crime doers

This girl's fate could lead so tragic
Jack Burton vs. Chinese black magic
Fights warriors with his sweat and blood
Reflexes and a fucking gun!

Battles ancient soldiers
Until they're all dead
And tossed a sharp knife
Through Lopan's head

He'll rescue the girl
Then he'll finish his quest
And ride through the night
On the pork chop express