"Rock-Hatchet-Knife" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE


Kicking and screaming where once you were camping
Wishing you were dreaming you're burning not tanning

This campground is fucked!
There's no where to flee!
Your teeth adorn jewerly
You won't live to see!

Buried alive - Ceremonial throne
Your life until now is just meat on the bone!

Abducted by a blowdart to the throat
Unconscious due to it's poisonous coat

Stripped of your life
With a Rock-Hatchet-Knife!

Look into their eyes
Blood dripping from their chin
As the flesh is getting ripped
From your motherfucking skin!

Nowhere to run
In a puddle of blood
As you get eaten alive by the people of mud!

Look into their eyes
And see your own fate
Your life just turned
Into something they just ate

Stripped of your life
With a Rock-Hatchet-Knife!