NANCI GRIFFITH lyrics - Down 'N' Outer

"Down 'N' Outer"
(Nanci Griffith)

I once was a lot like you
We share a dream I couldn't make come true
I was a child who wrote my name
Across a frosted window pane

And there are jobs that I might hold
If they'd just let me through the door
Without a shower and new clothes
That I can ill afford

Can you spare the time?
Can you spare a dime?
Can you look me in the eye?
I'm down 'n' out
And I am lonely
Do you ever think of me on
No. I don't live
Across the water
Hey, I live right here
On this corner
...just a bank account away from

I won't hurt your family
I don't want a house there on your street
And I know you think that I'm...
As lazy as a hobo's sigh
Now, you call me down 'n' outer
If there's a way out...
I've not found 'er
I only want to earn my piece of America


I'm just a bank account away from