"Hell No (I'm Not Alright)" lyrics - NANCI GRIFFITH

"Hell No (I'm Not Alright)"

Hell no, I'm not alright
You can talk all day and ask all night.
Nothin's gonna change - no wind in sight,
Hell no, I'm not alright.

Did you really think it would be ok
To leave me stranded alone that day?
Did you really think you could wait so long
To call me up to see if we're alright?


You're on the phone when I'm alone
And when you're alone you're all alone.
I'm still gone, it's all the same
I'm taking notes and I'm naming names


I'm the one to get you to forget
That the one who's gone is gone, is gone.
Am I supposed to say you're ok
'Cause you're not ok, and you're not ok

Hell no, I'm not alright.
Hell no, I'm not alright.