"Gloria" lyrics - NAZARETH


I had it all
Or I thought so anyway
And then there came the day
When I knew I'd been deceived.

It was tailor made
The hole I'd dug myself
That morning they came knocking
Couldn't blame nobody else.

You make mistakes
Then you make them all again
And find yourself deserted
By the people you called friends.

All it takes
Is for one deal to go bad
You're signing your confession
As they take all that you have.

And all this years spent sitting here
Waiting to be free.

My day has come
And I can finally see.


I've dreamed of waking up beyond that wall
It looks like I might make it after all.

There's a kid in here
Reminds me of my son
I watch him with the others
When they laugh about what they've done.

So many ways
To impress one so young
The day they let him out of here
He's gonna find himself a gun.

I tried to say
Tried to make him understand
Fear is not respect
And it won't make a boy a man
Oh, you make mistakes
And you make them all again
It seems that I offended
One of those godforsaken men.

In all these years spent sitting here
The last thing that I see
Is a baby face
With a blade that's made for me.


I guess some things were never meant to be.


So open up that gate and welcome me
My spirits flown
And I'm finally free
Finally free... yeah!