"The Toast" lyrics - NAZARETH

"The Toast"

If you enjoyed yourself tonight
A half as much as we did
Then we enjoyed ourselves twice as much
You gotta know we loved the show
And how we have been treated
And comin' back here is a must

But now... we're all pretty drunk

It was well worth waiting
For the meal they've been creating
I can see why it took hours and hours
The drinkin's been outrageous
We love when you play one of ours

I love my fridge magnet
My Medal is fantastic
My flowers and my coffee cup
But now we're all kinda drunk
The camera phones are at the ready
You better take that picture twice
I need something to cool my bevvy

Slainte mhath
Slainte mhath

Thank you for the kind words
And thank you for the speeches
It really did mean something to me
The big glass rifle
Full of vodka is delightful
And thank you for the picture of me

I know you really wish
That Jimmy'd try the fish
It's a pity he's already messed up

Besides... we're all pretty drunk
The mayor is here but he's off his face
The dignitaries are getting pissed
He loves 'Love Hurts' and he owns the place
It doesn't get any better than this

Slainte mhath
Slainte mhath

I wanna make a toast
Yeah I gotta make a toast
I wanna make a toast
Yeah I gotta make a toast
I've gotta make a toast.