"I'm Leaving You Again" lyrics - NEW EDITION

"I'm Leaving You Again"

Girl im leaving you again
Never thought I'd tell u when
I know how u must feel
But if your love's for real
You'd try 2 understand (that im a)
Popular demand

When we first met
I told u how it would be
U said u understood
And that you'd still keep loving me
Now it seems your changing your mind
Each and everytime
Now you wanted 2 be with me
You just wait and see
Because of today
It has to be this way, oh wo wo


Girl I wish
That there was a way
4 u and I 2 stay 2gether
4ever everyday
Girl I would give u all of my love
And place no one above
Girl u want to be with me
You just wait and see
Cuz up to then it has to be this way
Oh wo wo


Oh girl please tell me
Is there a way
4 u & I 2 stay 2gether
4ever everyday
Oh oh oh girl
Please tell me
Do u still love me?
We gotta understand the way i live
Cuz that's the way it has 2 b

Shoop shoop doo wop (girl is this the ebd?)
Means Im never gonna give u up!
(repeat till fade)