"Tighten It Up" lyrics - NEW EDITION

"Tighten It Up"

I know sometimes I seem a little crazy
I'm not too crazy in love
See I'm not a trick
I can take it or leave it
You can be about it
Cause I can do without it

For some reason
You take your life for granted
Like it's a game
And you always win
The things you say
And the things you do
You act like it won't come to an end
But you need to realize

[Chorus 2x:]
Easily you can be left alone
Tighten it up
You better
Before you find yourself by yourself

Some people say that I'm
Nothing but a player
I don't play when it comes to my heart
Don't be so cool
When you know everything is cool
You can be about it
Cause I can do without it

You know I let you slide once
Let you slide twice
The third time babydoll
It won't be so nice
You looking hot though
But you can't play ron devoe
The laid back mack
With mad flow so here we go
I got a hottie with a mad body
Don't you know in the 5-0-0
On the way to the crib-o
So how you live
I had to ask my man biv
Uh huh it's looking kind of positive


Is this the part
You take my heart
And wipe your feet on

[Until fade]