"Hold To A Dream" lyrics - NEW GRASS REVIVAL

"Hold To A Dream"
(Tim O'Brien)

I'm happy to roam I can find my way to the mountains and the ocean foam.
But if I had a map to show me the way to your heart dear I'd follow it home.
Making my way through the dim lit streets of the old town - nowhere to go.
Wanderin' with the sea wind in my hair I never slow down - I miss you so.

Hold to a dream - carry it up and down
Follow a star - search the world around
Hold to a dream - carry it close to me
I'm frozen in time
Your love will set me free.

The rain outside is beating down, I'm here at home - all alone.
We used to stay so warm inside, now a night like this - It chills my bones.



I miss you darlin' more and more, I'm thinkin' - Thinkin' of you.
Late at night lying in my sleep, I'm dreamin' - Dreamin' of you.

[Chorus 2x]