"Kick In The Head" lyrics - NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE

"Kick In The Head"

Do you think we can work it on out?
Change the whole proposition about?
I'm in no position for an act of sedition
But I really love to scream and shout
Half a loaf is better than a kick in the knee
Is there gonna be some tea
Or just more sympathy?
I really got a pumper on the line this time
It's mine, mine, mine
I ran to the king of creation
I told him: save a bit for me
The way things look I could have written the book
You know I can hardly read
Sally does your dog bite? no, no, no
Keep him on a choke chain, reel him out slow
Got a little place, call it my own
It never really was a home
Went to the college of evil
The smoke nearly drove me away
I'd go crazy if I wasn't so lazy
What more can I say?
The white-face lydian judge
Won't you give a little one-two-three
Him down on the corner
Singing "little jack horner"
But you gotta let the gravy be
A whole loaf is better than a kick in the head
If you tell me what you mean
I'll tell you what I said
I sent you for jelly, you come back with jam
Who exactly do you think I am?