"I'm So Fabulous" lyrics - NEW YORK DOLLS

"I'm So Fabulous"

I'm so fabulous, you're Las Vegius
You New Yorkers who look nebulous
I'm more fab than all the hipsters on Broadway

I'm so fabulous, you arriviste
Way you dress is so insidious
How did they even let you onto the subway

Your uniform looks so hideous
I'm so fabulous, it's ridiculous
You're so Cincinnati good citizenship day

I'm so fabulous, you're the exodus
From where they see who dresses up the messed-up-iest
I wanna see you rock it like the super fly day

I want sophistication
For all the population

I want the hip sensation
For our civilization

Nebulous New Yorkers is blasphemous
It makes a giant ass of all of us
What would the dear departed Murray The K say

I'm so fabulous, it's egregious
Don't come around here, making new rules for us
I don't need 'em, I'm already fabulous

I'm so fabulous, I don't wanna hear about it
I'm so fabulous, I don't wanna look at you