"The Marxist Brothers" lyrics - NOFX

"The Marxist Brothers"

We meet in underground parking lots
And late night in coffee shops
With voices low unless we're drunk
We got hats and cop sunglasses
We question all that is wrong
We discuss conspiracy
Are we enemies of the state?
Or idealist bourgeoisie?

I'll get this one, put it on my card
I get frequent flyer mileage
And a booklet of upgrades
So next time I visit the third world
I won't have to fly second class
The peoples revolution is gonna be a podcast

We took a bus to the anarchist book fair
I left the hybrid at home
I scored an extremely rare signed copy of the communist manifesto
We protested the G8 got maced by female police
In hot black uniforms and boots
I got one's email address

Still I'm waiting to see if my bid on E-Bay was enough
To get "Today's Empires, Are Tomorrow's Ashes"
On soviet red vinyl it's going on the wall
Next to the Battle of Los Angeles
Of Las Angeles