"Dairy Queen" lyrics - NORMAN GREENBAUM

"Dairy Queen"

She twirled baton in high school
She was a dairy queen
Her boyfriend played football
Drove a fifty-six Chevy that was cream
And they hung out at the Halley's
On a weekend night
Dairy queen

They say she looks like Harlow
But her mother doesn't care
She wants to keep her on the dairy
To work and earn a boy
'Cause she thinks it's fair
'Cause Crystal wants to go to Reno
Dance in a chorus line
Dairy queen

She wishes on a star
Every night before she goes to bed
Wants to get ahead
And represent a company
Wants to be queen of the fair
Dairy queen

Her mother's eyes are cryin'
Hates to see her daughter go
But Miss Crystal's got to do it
If she's ever goin' to be out on her own
She's got beauty goin' for her
All she needs is love
Dairy queen
Dairy queen