"Intro (Radical)" lyrics - ODD FUTURE

"Intro (Radical)"
feat. Tyler, The Creator

Ha ha ha ha!
Welcome, every-fucking-body
To the Odd Future, "Radical" (YOU FUCKIN' BITCH!)
Starving, Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats
Left Brain, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis
Mike G, and lastly, Japser the Fucking Dolphin
(THAT'S RIGHT BITCH) Odd Future everybody
We want to welcome all the dudearamas and all the bastards
And everyone else for coming out tonight
This is going to be a great experience
And we want y'all motherfuckers to buy popcorn
(JACKASS THIS EFFIN SUCKS) So please, enjoy this motherfuckin show
(SHIT!) If you have children with a motherfuckin heart condition
Please take them motherfuckers home
'Cause it is a lot of cursing and don't give-a-fuckness goin' on
Now - for all my Odd Future crew out there that's uh backstage
I just uh, I just wanna know who's gonna start this show