"The Life Like" lyrics - ODD FUTURE

"The Life Like"

What's your life like? [3x]
What's your (put you in place)

(Casey Veggies)
CV... just fine with this
Uh, stay alive with this - yeah
They say I rap it like, I had an afterlife
And came back, while these lames speakin' the same raps
I give the same daps, to the same homies
'Cause I can tell most of these niggaz phony
So I relax and rap for another one like I relapsed
I got the crowd up on him while you cats didn't even get 3 claps
So what my life like?
It's like two kites, but one of them is longer than the other
With one big sister and like one older brother
A narrow-minded father and a hard working mother
You can catch me writin raps and kickin rocks with my lover
And Rock is her name
And don't forget to eat 'cause she make you see things
I would, never believe in the things I achieve
But my brain leaves a stain on my heart
And I thrash hard from the start

What's your
Life, life, life, life like [3x]

(Casey Veggies)
I'm just tryin' to pass go
Arrogant asshole, what I need class fo'?
But I still attend it, 'cause that's what my mom recommended
Big boss lookin' for an apprentice
Fresh as the sentence, best men I been this
You one on one, I'm on some (her and her friends shit)
She say girlfriend and I ain't lookin' for her friendship
I told her I'm just a young nigga there miss
And don't talk, I get straight to the point like a toothpick
I'm too sick, throwin' up, gang signs, throw 'em up
I'm hardheaded but at the same time, don't know enough
AWOL told me I'm blowin' up
Shaun DT until I'm blowin' up - so what the fuck is up?

(Casey Veggies)
It's a long time comin' now, thinkin' 'bout the future
A BlackBerry messenger beach cruiser
Administrative user; usin' his thoughts to make sure that
Booty is bond, man this food for your thoughts
So don't waste it, young Veggies hit the taste
You blind niggaz get maced, chillin' with my nigga Ace
That's Tyler, the Creator give a damn about a hater
This my city, I'm the Mayor, the world spins 'cause that paper
I'm the King like layers
So when you talkin' money make sure you talk layers! Layers
Layers, so what's your life like?
Life, life, life, life like