"When I Needed You" lyrics - OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN

"When I Needed You"

When you cry for me
Here's what I will do
I'll step into your dreams at night
And comfort you
And when you hear me cry
Do that in reverse
Imagine you are flying through
The universe
I know the distance scares you
But it's really not far
Cause I'll be on the corner
In that neighborhood of stars
And when I needed you
I'll just call out loud
And you'll look up and see me standing
On a cloud
I'll say "Come closer, please"
And you'll stand on a chair

And with silver wings, I'll hold you in
The trembling air
And when you hear me whistle
Consider that a clue
Another way of sayin'
How much I'm missing you
But I'm not up there yet
I've got miles to go
Miles and miles to dream with you
And watch you grow
And now I think I'll practice what
I will do
When I'm up there
And I'm missing you