"Ray Wakes Up" lyrics - ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER

"Ray Wakes Up"
(Ronald Bronstein / Josh Safdie)

Louisiana politics, the [?] say that if they don't get their budget approved [?]
I need to make my way home, take my medicine, and sleep
Stop the phone, ok?!
All the time you're doing that to me when I'm talking to you
I don't want your [?] you have to watch me, [?]
Ok, ok


Authorities are still searching for Constantine Nikas, suspected of carrying out the robbery along with his brother. Nicolas Nikas was arrested near the scene after crashing through a plate glass window unharmed. Today the brother's grandma is speaking out in an exclusive interview [?] fleshing out the details
Well, that's right [?] exclusive, Agapia Nikas has describes her complicated relationship with her grandson
[?] good brother [?]
Constantine Nikas [?]
Yo, where you going?
Yo, where the fuck am I? [?]
Fuck off, man
Constantine Nikas was arrested [?]
Where you going?
To the hospital? Which hospital?
Motherfucker, what am I gonna do?