"April Ethereal" lyrics - OPETH

"April Ethereal"

It was me, peering through the looking-glass
Beyond the embrace of Christ
Like the secret face within the tapestry
Like a bird of prey over the crest
And she was swathed in sorrow
As if born within its mask

Her candlelight snuffed, the icon smiled
Emptiness followed in her wake
I could clasp her in undying love
Within ghostlike rapture the final word was mine

She faced me in awe

It was a token of ebony colour
Embodied in faint vapour
Wandering through April's fire
Compelled to grasp and to hold the one that was you

I will endure, hide away
I would outrun the scythe, glaring with failure

It is a mere destiny I thought
A threshold I had crossed before

The rain was waving goodbye
And when the night came the forest folded its branches around me
Something passed by, and I went into a dream
She, laughing and weeping at once: "Take me away"

I don't know how or why, and I'll never know WHEN