"Chrysalis" lyrics - OPETH

(Mikael Akerfeldt)

And on the furthest day when you lay down
Discard your disarray and your rusted crown
And face the wretched image of you and I
No trust in what you say, you are a dead poison seed
Stronger when you are away, you have nothing that I need
The rhyme has settled in the ghost of a sigh
Nothing now remains, now you will leave me be

Sunrise into the moonlight
A broken body lies in wait
Your prize won you the stark night
And you made peace with your fate
Blind eyes sensitive only to white light
Reacting just a bit too late

Preying on insecurity, a design of your schemes
A true believer of purity must tend to what it means
Or allow its gospel to turn into a lie
You forsake everything you feel in favor of despair
Immune and blind to everything that is real in your secret lair
And cast away the captive heart that was thine

And you will go and leave me be

Winter in your soul, building a wasteland
And you tread a thin ice 'neath your feet
Sneering, and everyone you would shun
Collecting flowers to your wreath
Lifeline, a river cuts deep in your cold hand
It is changing when you try to breathe

Leave it all behind you, there is comfort in giving up
A seed in a barren soil might curl up into a coil
Flourish into something new
Give back what you thought was "you"
And give way to all that is new

Leave it all behind you...