"Hessian Peel" lyrics - OPETH

"Hessian Peel"

Will the children cry
When their mother dies
And in the autumn of their lives
Will they feel the same

[Reversed lyrics 2:03-2:22]
(Out on the courtyard
Come back tonight
My sweet Satan
I see you)

Her longing for me coming down like hail
Why did you leave me

Come here inside and tell me how
How in my final days
I'd find the rhyme

The light comes on
The signal for us to act out our lives
You wait beneath the white sheets and you wait forever
The light comes on
Your weakness
Storing trace on your arms
So I left you alone
We all left you alone

[Reversed lyrics 7:21-7:24]
(They're no longer your reason why)

Lock the children away from harm
They're no longer your reason why
Seeking tenderness with a dagger
Skin is marked by the years of trials

You felt abandoned in a flock of friends
Singing praise for the dead
Awaited the face of the moon to ascend
And followed the sound in your head