"King Of The Rat Bastards" lyrics - OVERKILL

"King Of The Rat Bastards"

Wide open down the burning road
We were strung out, nailed, betrayed
All cylinders a heavy load
But we were all we hoped and dreamed to be

Caught fire in the final turn
We danced the death ballet
Not thinking with a heavy heart
I hit the supercharger to infamy

Hey there, Mrs. California sensibility
Here's a message from the other side and no apology

Another day, another night, another born and mastered
Another way, another king of the rat bastards

We turned it up, had the speed we need
We were bug eyed, chin held high
As we all heard the self-applause
Backs turned away just in case she dies

Down the stretch of that burning road a tear in my eye
She held them off as our engine slowed
Was it much too late for infamy

Hey there, Mr. way up there in Washington DC
Here's a message from the other side and no apology

We lead the deaf, the dumb, the blind, elite defined
We will soother your ailing mind
We will give you more, more than you can find
What we got here is a fight to the death, no mediocrity
Three blind mice and a bastard rat vs. miss liberty