"Shout!" lyrics - PANIC! AT THE DISCO


You know you make me wanna (shout)
Kick my heals up and (shout)
Throw my hands up and (shout)
Throw my head back and (shout)
Come on now (shout)
Don't forget to say you will (shout)
Don't forget to say-ay-ay-ay-ay-yeah (shout)

(Say you will) Say it right now baby
(Say you will) Come On, Come On
(Say you will) Say it right here
(Say you will)

(Say) Say that you love me (Say) Say that you need me
(Say) Say that you want me (Say) You wanna please me
(Say) Come on now [3x]

Baby I still remember (Shooby do wop bop bop bop)
When you used to be 9 years old yeah, yeah (Shooby do wop bop bop bop)
I was a fool for you (Shooby do wop bop bop bop)
From the bottom of my soul (Shooby do wop bop bop bop)

I want you to know, I said, I want you to know right now
I said I want you to know, I said, I want you to know right now


A little bit softer now [12x]


[Brendon Urie:]
(Thank you, Zack) I have a confession to make: you guys are my pilates, ok?
This is the best workout I've ever had in my life! Wooh!
And I still get to drink beer, that's amazing!
That's the best workout of the world, I'm glad this isn't international!

[Ryan Ross:]
I think that's Gatorade

[Brendon Urie:]
That's a [?], is that what you said?

[Ryan Ross:]
No, Gatorade

[Brendon Urie:]
...Oh shit!
So [?] for the people in the house that haven't seen Animal House (a classic), thank God!
Thank God!
If you're willing, right now, get down to knee level, like [?], like this. If you're down! You don't have to do it, I'll probably be the only one, it's okay, it's not the first time. Then you lean down like this and the next two minutes, it's gonna get fucking crazy, and what I mean by fucking crazy is you have to move, dance, scream or whatever you want to do, alright?
If you don't wanna dance and you're like "Oh, I'm not a dancer", that's bullshit and we tell you, I'm gonna show you three dances right now, one is right here, you just go side to side. (shows a dance move)
People will say that's not a dance move but fuck them because that's an awesome dance move
If you don't want to do that: like this. (does a very sexual dance move)
And if that's not your bag, you just do this (shows the third dance move): it's a little two step from back in the day. Alright! Spencer, please bring us back here

A little bit louder now [6x]
A little bit louder now (shout) [7x]
Hey (Hey) [8x]

You make me wanna shout