"Oh Lord, Why Lord / Prayer" lyrics - PARLIAMENT

"Oh Lord, Why Lord / Prayer"

I've searched the open sky
To find the reason why
Oh Lord why Lord

The color of my skin
Is said to be an awful sin
Oh Lord why Lord
No I cannot understand
No I can never never understand
Oh Lord Why Lord

I've got to live and give and give
Much more than I can give

Oh Lord Why Lord
In this world it is no secret
All the problems and hatred
Oh Lord why Lord

I just can't seem to find why
My every move is so unseen
Oh Lord why Lord

Why this lonely man must try
And can have no peace of mind
Oh Lord why Lord

I just can't help but cry
The tears won't stay inside
Oh Lord why Lord

I feel the weight of everlasting hate
But my strength will not grow faint
Oh Lord why Lord

I'll wear the chains
So every man must see the change
Oh Lord why Lord

I ask no special kindness
I ask no special deed
Oh Lord why Lord

Only peace and justice
Forever more
Oh Lord why Lord

Is it so much to ask
Even of you
To be the same as the
Why is it that I must suffer
Without even a cause
And no one cares
Oh Lord why God