"Something More" lyrics - PATTI LABELLE

"Something More"

We talk, it's always good
So much is already understood
We spend time, I like being with you
You're mine I wouldn't deny it's true
Even though I think you, dream about you
Want you so much
There's something you gotta know

I want something more
More than a dream
More than a wish
More than a vision
I'm lookin' for more
More than just words
More than a promise
More than a feeling
I want something more
It's got to be more

You said that you're taking your time
But I wonder
In the end will you be mine
You're sweet, I crave your touch
We make good love
But sometimes that's not enough
Even though you're good to me
And another woman would settle for less
There's something I must confess


More than just a feel so good emotion
Something I can count on in the midst of a storm
To bring back the sunshine again

[Chorus 2x]