"Hourglass" lyrics - PATTY GRIFFIN


The hourglass never really runs out of sand
You get to the end and you just turn it upside down again
It's like a book where the story never ends
The plot keeps turning around
I was dancing with my eyes closed
The music had me in a trance
Six o'clock in the morning came around
I was the last one at the dance

[Chorus 1:]
Boy, it takes a stiff upper lip
A turned-up collar and some very strong hips
A strong will for when the money slips
And they ain't calling you a lady now

A sister told me some time ago
There's no reward for lost sheep
You better learn to look sharp
Keep it in the lines
Don't go swimming where the river's too deep
But I knew all along that that just wasn't me
I was swimming in the river with the ghosts and debris
Shouldn't a person at least try to be free
Instead of giving up and just pretending to be?

[Chorus 2:]
The morning leaves you in a strange place
Dirty mirror and a stranger's face
Nowhere to run, too late to back out of it
Might as well stick around and take a crack out of it

I heard it said many times that life is a dream
But it ends up dreaming of a crazy machine
That's been choking out the love
Killing too many dreamers
And I just want to tear that old machine down
Ask me what what I would dream of in this place
I dream of a forest where we could all meet face-to-face
Where love could be love
And dreams could be dreamers
Dreamers dreaming of love and its many wonders
Dreamers dreaming of love, one more time now
Dreamers dreaming of love